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Thread: Confronted by a customer at the Fairview Homedepot

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    Confronted by a customer at the Fairview Homedepot

    Walked in to grab a $25.00 gift card. I paid and left. On my way to my car I heard a male voice yell out, "ARE YOU CONCEALED CARRYING". I love getting asked questions that people obviously already know the answer to. I politely said no, as I started to unlock my car door. Then he asked me to come over to him, "Like I want to have a confrontation with a unknown individual". I'm in no mood nor do I have the time frame to possibly information a civilian about their rights. Maybe I was rude when I told him to go study his 2nd amendment right a bit closer and learn about Oregon open carry laws and rules.

    As I drove off he flipped me the bird so I politely stuck my hand out the window and waved back to him. I'm 33 years and and I'm 115 pounds wet, I look extremely young. I get heads turning at me all the time when I OC. I dress casual and found it interesting because most people that confront me CC and or are extremely uncomfortable around guns and simply want me to put it under my shirt.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday. I look forward to reading your responses if any. Forgive me poor grammar and spelling as I received a poor public education -_-

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    Yep...I had a funny this weekend too. We live on the dry side, and our kids (all but one that lives in TX) live on the wet side. We went over there for Christmas. Made it over Stevens pass Saturday, just a couple hours before they closed the east side of the pass because of falling trees (heavy wet snow) A tree fell on a car and killed a couple people..Pass closed...and stayed closed until after 15:00 Today!

    Well, we went to church at our old church in MT. Vernon...and after church we are all standing around gabbing, retired pastor chimes in, how about Allison pass (in BC). Well, I pointed to my carry and said, can't do it...even though I am a Canadian Native (US Citizen, and Canadian), I cannot just carry across the border without a lot of paperwork.

    Talk about a discussion, remember, this is at church....well, I found there are a few more than I already knew that carried...that were armed at church. Ya, degenerated into a gun fab gab.

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