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Thread: Understanding, education and discussion

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    Understanding, education and discussion

    As owners of firearms for legal purposes, we need to take the time to prepare for the upcoming legislative session by gathering, sharing and presenting facts and information because the legislative session for 2013 is fast approaching.

    In the aftermath of the shootings in Newtown, Ct. (Sandy Hook Elementary School), those of us who choose to exercise our rights to KEEP and BEAR firearms for self defense must realize that emotions will play an extremely important part in any proposed additions or changes to state and federal laws.

    Those of us who are law abiding owners of firearms must strive to present a RATIONAL case for RATIONAL additions or changes where new laws or changes are needed regarding the right to KEEP and BEAR arms.

    I personally suggest that we work from the following:


    I further believe that we should begin by understanding why individuals ACQUIRE, KEEP AND BEAR firearms in today’s society.

    I would like to begin by presenting everyone with what I believe are the SIX basic areas where individuals currently KEEP or BEAR firearms in our society:

    Self Defense
    Shooting Completion and Recreation
    Employment Related
    Criminal Activity
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    Magazine Ban above 10, The contingency plan/ rational argument!

    Here’s my 2 Cent’s, or 60,500 cent example, I call the contingency plan/ rational argument!

    Any constitutional rebuttal presented in regards to magazine restriction appears to be considered ”irrational”, to any person, who is for lack of a better term “anti gun”. This is the only one argument, that I feel they will understand, and will have a hard time contending with when you stir it in the pot with all the other constitutional reasons against Magazine restriction, it’s a tough one, to get around, in my opinion in such a bad economy, with all kinds of budget issues!!

    What is the cost of banning magazines above 10 rounds.
    Where are the funds going to come from,

    Mag’s are expensive. I have a number of pistols & various rifles, ill name 3 that are above ten round’s, FOR EXAMPLE:

    HK USP 40 (13 rd mag) X 5 X $45.00 = $225.oo
    FN .45 Tactical (15 rd Mag) X 57.00 X 4 = $228.00
    Springfield XDM .40 (16 rd mag) X 4 X $ 38.00 = $152.oo

    = $605.00 in privet confiscation for just 3 guns!!!!!!

    In this example $605.00 Will be confiscated in this irrational act. Now this has to be replaced by me, (under 10 rounds) leaving me with huge costs. Now I’m not going to tell what I have purchased throughout the years, but this is a small fraction.

    Now lets multiply this time all the guns w/ Mag’s above ten rounds in the state Of Connecticut. All the inventory in the stores?

    If this irrational act is going to get “rammed through” there need to be compensation made.

    Probably close to or over $100,000,000 (1 hundred million worth), of magazines that will need to be repurchased. (THAT’S JUST MY UNEDUCATED GUESS, WHICH I FELT WAS CONSERTATIVLY ESTIMATED)

    Where would it come from in 2013 and where was it in last year's bill, A State relief fund, for this UNJUST confiscation? That is only just & right, for Connecticut, The Constitution state to pay, as she Rapes her citizens, causing our forefathers to turn in their graves!

    When you start talking money to you your state official’s 10’s of million’s, 100’s of millions then they tend to slow there roll.

    I am by no means advocating a mag ban or want anything to do with it, but if it gets rammed through, I better be getting paid, for all my ar mags all my mags, they were an expensive investment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edward Peruta View Post
    Self Defense
    Shooting Completion and Recreation
    Employment Related
    Criminal Activity
    The only one I ever talk about is SELF DEFENSE. And that we need guns of all kinds to defend ourselves from the criminals and government. To be able to defend from the government, we need to have access to the same weapons that they have.

    They talk about 9-11, I talk about Katrina and the fast and furious program and other government aggression against its citizens and highlight the instances where citizens protected themselves and others by using their firearms...and the folks who have served to promote and defend our freedoms

    Hunting? You'll end sounding like O'bamalama
    Collecting? Invest in the stock market
    Competition? A 22 will do fine
    Employment? What, you a cop
    Criminal activity? Really want to say you have a right to have a gun for criminal activity

    The 2nd amendment has zip to do with : hunting, collecting, sports, employment, or criminal activity... IMO

    Lord knows, there is plenty of room for highlighting the basic purpose of the 2nd amendment .. people who are pro-control are either : a) ignorant b) know but don't care c) easily manipulated into agreeing to surrender what they know are their rights

    When folks discuss this then we can sway folks in the (a) and (c) categories via is discussion of what our rights are and why they are important ...

    Folks in the (b) category are beyond a discussion of rights ... they can only be swayed by looking into other aspects of the right to keep and bear ... like the gov't cannot protect anyone ... that killings could be worse using other weapons like shotguns & bombs, cost of litigation, etc...a discussion of the right to keep and bear will fall on deaf ears because they don't care. You cannot make them care.

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