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Thread: AWB in the past

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    AWB in the past

    i have a few questions for those that lived thru the earlier AWB of the mid 90's. today i was wondering about handguns that do not use an extended mag but still hold more than 10 rds. would these guns be banned?? also what about the "handguns" (basically the sbr's that dont have a stock) that use the .223 round?? will the guns themselves be banned?

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    In the last AWB, handguns capable of accepting a magazine containing more than 10-rounds weren't banned, (Almost ANY handgun capable of accepting a magazine can take one that's extended to hold more than 10). What they did was ban the manufacture of magazines designed to hold more than 10-rounds. You saw a lot of magazines with the last inch or so made out of a block of plastic.

    Of course, that was also when many of the compact handguns started to make their appearance along with major caliber firearms. If you can only carry 10, you tend to carry the most "10" that you can.

    Most of the bans were "by name" with California's ( I Think) ban list leading the pack with several firearms that were only imported in very small numbers such as the Austrailian Leader Dynamics carbine, Calico Weapons Co. 9mm carbine and a host of others. Other states used a
    "points system" where only a certain number of ""evil features"" such as bayonet lugs, protruding pistol grips, flash suppressors or grenade launchers were allowed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallschirmjäger View Post

    What they did was ban the manufacture of magazines designed to hold more than 10-rounds.
    Not really.
    They banned the magazine sales of 10+ magazine capacty to civilians. Bit they did however allow LE to buy hi-cap mags.
    I remember a police officer had to send in some sort of letterhead from thier department saying they needed the hi-cap mags.

    This is why a lot of rifle and handgun mags being sold on the market today say " For Law Enforcement or Military Only" on the mag body.
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