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Thread: Vote for Open Carry in Texas

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    Vote for Open Carry in Texas

    The Texas CHL Forum is running a poll about open carry. If you're a past member there but haven't logged in recently, I encourage you to vote in the poll.

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    The poll assumes that only one could be passed. Why not set up a true test to find out what the membership actually thinks about open carry? Because Charles Cotton ain't gonna allow it to.
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    I'm not optimistic that any Oklahoma style "open carrry" bill will make it through the legislature this session due to the societal grief stemming from the Newton CT school tragedy. However, repeal of 46.035(a),(h) can succeed if handled as a minor housekeeping matter.

    The focus of attention right now is in respect to allowing teachers with CHL's to carry at school - CONCEALED. That issue is presently being addressed in school districts all over Texas - without the need for new legislation. The concealment issue can simply be addressed through school district policy.

    The key word is QUIET. The school districts would like to handle this issue discreetly - without a lot of notoreity, and controversy.

    No need exists for the TPC redundancy created by 46.035(a)(h). The sole purpose of that provision is to apply a restriction to CHL's that doesn't apply to anyone else. CHL's are well behaved folks who will either respect private property rights in Texas - or risk loss of their CHL due to armed trespass charges being filed against them.

    Again - the key word is...............
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