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Thread: Show up for jury duty, do your duty as a juror, and you could be prosecuted

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    Show up for jury duty, do your duty as a juror, and you could be prosecuted

    "Well, then, it looks like you could be facing big trouble here," sneered the foreman. "You just could be charged with perjury."

    After taking comments from the other jurors, the foreman called for a vote. Eight members of the panel voted guilty; Asher and three others voted to acquit. The hung jury resulted in a mistrial.

    As soon as court was adjourned, the foreman in violation of the confidentiality of jury deliberations did his duty to the State by reporting Asher's comments to MacGregor. The vindictive functionary immediately contacted Wasden and demanded that the State of Idaho file a felony perjury charge against Asher. This was clearly an act of petty retaliation. It was also an actionable instance of malicious prosecution for which neither MacGregor nor Wasden has ever been held accountable.
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    Just vote not guilty and don't be shooting your mouth off as to why.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firearms Iinstuctor View Post
    Just vote not guilty and don't be shooting your mouth off as to why.
    If you read the article, she wasn't even trying to "nullify" the case. She was just trying to clarify the constitutionality of the arrest and was refused answers from the judge who dismissed her questions as already decided. For not rubber stamping the prosecutors cooked up case she was railroaded.

    The only way to inform others and to make them think is by opening your mouth and telling others the how and why of your decisions, looks like two others agreed with her that without opening her mouth may not have.

    The true tragedy of this story though is the vindictiveness of overzealous prosecutors who are not interested in "justice". An all too common occurrence.
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    rights, due to ignorance." (Paraphrased)

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    I tell you, the content of this article is enough to burn my blood, but THEN, the AG's sneering "I don't really see any reason to" just...

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