Feinstein has now released tentative details of her cosmetically offensive rifle ban here. Her gun-ban scheme is a pretty simple style test which “[s]trengthens the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and various state bans by: Moving from a 2-[military] characteristic test to a 1-[military] characteristic test” but allowing the tens of millions of existing modern sporting rifles to remain in circulation provided that their owners submit to biometric registration and pay a $200 tax.

Now imagine if a polling organization asked Americans an even more clear and precisely defined question about Finestein’s plan to ban “assault weapons” as follows:

“Are you for or against a law which would ban rifles which fire one shot per trigger pull if such rifles were equipped with a single military-style feature such as pistol grip?”

Surely the support for such a plainly cosmetically offensive ban would be even lower than the Gallop poll’s 44%. After all, polls consistently show that Americans broadly support the right to own pistols (74% in the most recent Gallop poll ) and all pistols naturally have, well, a pistol grip, begging the obvious logical question -

“why is it OK for semi-automatic pistols to have pistol grips, but not semi-automatic rifles, even rifles like this columnist's Baretta Storm carbine which fires the same 9mm pistol ammunition as his Baretta 92F pistol?"

. . .