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Thread: Happy New Year Everyone

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    Happy New Year Everyone

    Have fun and be careful tonight!

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    Will do!

    The NYE party is at our house tonight so I won't be doing any driving when the drunks start hitting the roads. Not much winter traffic anyway out here in the SW corner of the Commonwealth.

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    I have a long way to go tonight for a party.... maybe all of 50 yards. Just hope I don't get charged with IWW (you folks can figure it out. But I won't because I am a light drinker, so intoxication is not in my future.

    Happy New Year to all and let's hope the Feinstein's of the nation are stopped in their tracks.
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    Happy New Year to all. May next year be healthy and prosperous for all.

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    Been a good year with lots of memorable events. Enjoyed the company of many ol' companions and made some new ones - I raise a cup of gladness to your health. A few that started the trip are not with us to see it end, I morn their loss.

    Have to admit that I am looking forward to 2013 with much anticipation - we live in exciting times.

    Happy New Year my friends - - - - - we ride!
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    Wishing a safe night to all.

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