I've been reading this book on and off for months. It is a free kindle download and costs a couple of dollars to purchase off of Amazon.com. I believe, Next to the Bible, this book is a must read for everyone. Below is an excerpt:

"As for institutions, however good in themselves, they will avail but little in maintaining the standard of national character. It is the individual men, and the spirit which actuates them, that determine the moral standing and stability of nations. Government, in the long run, is usually no better than the people governed. Where the mass is sound in conscience, morals, and habit, the nation will be ruled honestly and nobly. But where they are corrupt, self-seeking, and dishonest in heart, bound neither by truth nor by law, the rule of rogues and wirepullers becomes inevitable".

Samuel Smiles

If you don't have it. Consider reading it. Smiles has a way of describing in detail (and with lots of examples) the meaning of manliness, character and responsibility.