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Thread: David Gregory (media elite) vs Adam Meckler (Army vet) Gun Criminals

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    David Gregory (media elite) vs Adam Meckler (Army vet) Gun Criminals

    In December of 2012, David Gregory: deliberately violated D.C. gun law for financial and political gain.

    In September of 2011, Adam Meckler: inadvertently violated D.C. Gun law.

    David Gregory possessed a 30 round magazine, categorically prohibited under D.C. Law.

    Adam Meckler possessed a few 9mm cartridges, without the proper D.C. permit.

    David Gregory has not been charged, arrested, or taken to jail.

    Adam Meckler was arrested, handcuffed, taken to jail, eventually was released and plead a plea bargain that included a fine, probation, and being registered on the D.C. gun offender list.

    David Gregory has been lauded by his peers, defended on numerous media sites, and been invited for an exclusive interview with President Obama.

    Adam Meckler took an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    David Gregory does not appear to have taken such an oath.

    Adam Meckler is a combat veteran.

    David Gregory is a member of the ruling elite. His children go to school with President Obama’s children, where they enjoy the security of armed guards.

    Gun control: Is David Gregory’s on-air stunt proof of media bias? Link

    MILLER: David Gregory’s legal jeopardy Link

    MILLER: D.C. arrests vet for unregistered ammunition (part 1) Link

    MILLER: D.C. arrests vet for unregistered ammunition (part 2) Link

    Dean Weingarten

    Here is the original source link:
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