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Thread: Detroit justified homicides 22 times higher than national average

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    Detroit justified homicides 22 times higher than national average

    Self defense shootings in Detroit are up 79% from the year before.

    It's a real damn shame that the citizens are forced to arm themselves just to stay safe, but I'm glad they're taking their safety seriously.

    On another note: I couldn't help but chuckle when I read the quote from the spokeswoman about how the shootings aren't related to the abysmal response times because they call after the threat has been neutralized.

    No ma'am, that just means they're calling you to clean up the mess.

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    I wouldn't base a conclusion that the # of increases are anything that significant.

    But its always good to highlight that cops cannot prevent anything...they can't be everywhere.

    Look at the Sandy Hook school ... this is a place the kids are mandated to be but the gov't couldn't prevent the event...even though I think that should have had some decent doors ! Oh wait, teacher's union wants money spent elsewhere ... maybe teachers unions will give a little now.

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