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Thread: Pesky Constitution Got You Down? Don't ban 'em, just require insurance!

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    Pesky Constitution Got You Down? Don't ban 'em, just require insurance!

    The newest gun control idea being floated around, this from the National Public Radio's economics blog explains an idea from Nouriel Roubini and some economics professor from Univ. of Michigan to require gun owners to carry liability insurance So now I guess the new fad, if you can't take a right away, just put it up for sale.

    So now you'll need Flo's price gun in order to have your real gun...

    I'm sure all the criminals will be sure to contact progressive and get a quote, so they can have liability coverage to payout if they waste someone in a robbery. sounds like a cost effective idea too, and with the insurance mandate the cops could terry you to verify your gun insurance, undermine the 4th amendment better and kill two pesky birds with one law...

    just absurd.
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    And remember, the Supreme Court ruled we CAN be required to purchase insurance so it is plausible.


    I thought this comment from the article was best

    Will we also require media to carry liability insurance for defamation or errors? While we're at it, how about we make police officers personally carry liability insurance as well?
    until I realized they both probably do and Towanda is a much better example!

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