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Thread: NJ resident Face to Face purchase while in the Military stationed in WV

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    NJ resident Face to Face purchase while in the Military stationed in WV

    I am an active duty military member stationed in WV, my home of record is NJ. I am looking to purchase a handgun from a friend, this will more than likely be a "handshake deal, as there is no paperwork involved. My question is 1, is this legal, and 2 is there anything I should do, or am required to do after completing the purchase?

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    A licensed dealer can sell a handgun to active-duty military stationed (with orders) in the dealer's state.

    I'm ASSuming a private party transfer would be legal as well. I repeat, I'm ASSuming.

    Good question.
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    I would repost this in the WV state section. I would also do a google search for WV firearm laws to see what they state for private party sales. then I would do the same for NJ laws. because sometimes you could be able to do a legal purchase a certain way in one state, but that same method could be illegal in a different state. basically meaning you can't transfer your gun to the second state without a TON of hassle, and often times needing to track down the seller for additional paperwork.

    for example, I can legally buy a handgun in vermont from a private party as a CT resident. but in order for it to actually be legal in CT, I would need to give my info and the seller's info to CT DPS, then get an authorization number to put on the officials bills of sale, and submit multiple copies of the bills of sale to multiple places in CT. If this isn't done, the gun is not legal in CT.

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