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Thread: Joe Biden “guaranteed" gun control by the end of January

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    Joe Biden “guaranteed" gun control by the end of January

    I like how he mentions that pi$$ing off the pro-gun folks and the NRA are no longer a big deal due to 2nd term.
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    What I've said all along. Once he was in for a second term, all bets were off the table. And the fact that we had 2 mass shootings in the same month, the last one being tragic involving children? Awfully convenient for the gun grabbers in power to rile the fence sitters up....I don't have any proof of anything, just speculation. And my speculation says that the people in power knew exactly what was going to happen and at the very least took advantage of it, dead children be damned. They dance and cheer for more anti-freedom legislation coming down the pipe while the victims' families bury their dead. When anybody with half a brain knows it will only encourage further tragedy and violence....perhaps more than this country has ever seen before. There are many who want anybody who owns a gun to die at the hands of a government do you have peaceful outcomes with people like that, at least when they know they have a real chance at doing exactly what they threaten? I truly fear for our future....and for the future of this generation's children.....if they have one.

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