The first and only response since I emailed Wisconsin Senator one-by-one last night. I'm glad to hear he's on our side.

Hello Anmut,

Thank you for contacting and for expressing your concerns about the local and national infringement campaign on 2nd Amendment rights - disguised as regard for public safety. You have raised some good points, and the Senator agrees that the overall campaign to pass new gun laws is merely an effort to place our 2nd Amendment rights in jeopardy.

It is interesting to note that in the Connecticut case, in which the ire of gun control advocates has been whipped up into a frenzy, the shooter not only occupied a “gun-free zone” but that the weapon used was a stolen weapon. The recent Colorado shooting also took place in a gun-free zone theater. It was likely targeted by the perpetrator for crime because of the lack of legal resistance allowed. People who want guns, will get guns, legally or illegally. The only difference will be whether innocent people will be left with any means to defend themselves.

Please be assured that the Senator will move to block any such legislation and will act only to preserve our basic rights to self-defense and to bear arms.

As a post script, I believe there were nearly five times more homicides in “gun safe” Chicago in 2012 than mass shooting homicides combined nationwide during the same year.

Best Regards,

Michael P. Murphy
Office of Senator Glenn Grothman
20th Senate District
P.O. Box 7882
Madison, WI 53707-7882
(608) 266-7513
(800) 662-1227