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Thread: Register your firearms? Result! Police seize firearms 'targets' list

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    Register your firearms? Result! Police seize firearms 'targets' list

    Here's what can and does happen when firearms are registered.

    Network Syndicated VIC News AU;


    Police seize firearms 'targets' list by:
    Courtney Crane From:
    Herald Sun January 04, 2013 11:30PM.

    A BOOK containing a list of gun owners and dealers and their addresses has been seized by police.
    The journal, discovered in Geelong as part of an ongoing investigation, has fuelled fears criminals are stealing firearms to order by targeting locations where they know they are stored.
    Police believe organised groups are behind a spike of gun thefts in the region.
    Concerns over the book have led to firearms dealers increasing security, with fears that Tuesday's armed raid at the home of a Corio gun dealer might be linked to the list.
    Detective Senior Sergeant Stephen Thomson, of Geelong Police, confirmed police had the list, with the addresses of "mainly licensed gun dealers".
    Detective Sergeant David Reither said names of local registered gun owners were also in the book.
    It is unclear how the list was compiled, whether it was based on gun club records or a central database.
    The daughter of the Corio dealer attacked by armed robbers in the early hours of Tuesday morning, said she had heard of the list.
    "I'm a member of the Winchelsea gun club and a family friend was on the list and got robbed about four or five months ago.
    "I think it's possible we were on it," she said.
    "My poor dad is in a bit of shock - he's about 200kg and they picked him up like a rag doll."
    The two male robbers and their getaway driver involved in the incident are yet to be apprehended.
    A Geelong Rifle Club member said rumours of a list had been rife in gun circles since the middle of last year.
    "I've heard the same thing from different people a couple of times, although I don't know where I first heard it," he said.
    "Panic" had set in after hearing news of an armed robbery of two long-arm rifles in Grovedale in August last year, he said.
    But he added: "There is nothing you can do but keep your guns locked up as well as possible."
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    When a criminal invades your home and has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.

    My Definition of Gun Control: The idea that dozens of people found dead in the Broadway Café, Tasmania, and many also seriously wounded, all while waiting for police, who were called to show up and protect them, is somehow morally superior to having several armed and therefore alive civilian's explaining to police how the attacker got that fatal bullet wound.

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