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Thread: "Why Is Hawaii So Liberal" -- FOX News video clip (1-3-13)

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    "Why Is Hawaii So Liberal" -- FOX News video clip (1-3-13)

    Any comments on this video's content from any Kama'aina here (if any ARE here)?

    "Watters World in Hawaii"

    ...however long this link will be available at Fox News.

    But it's on YouTube, also:

    P.S. It comes in various quality resolutions, all the way up to 1080p, so select the quality you want (I downloaded it -- in order to save it -- in 1080p and the *.mp4 file is 160MB in size).

    EDIT NOTE: I know this item isn't directly gun-related, but it was posted to show (in part) the general environment there in HI which makes it hard for any pro-gun progress. Related to that is the difficulty of a non-Democrat politician getting elected and as well, getting the courts to consider (seriously) pro-gun lawsuits re: not being able to carry (change may-issue to shall-issue), which usually don't even get to the hearing stage as they are dismissed. It may be that only the SCOTUS focusing on HI in particular and ruling on it's may-issue law (but not issuing) actually DOES violate the 2nd Amendment after all (surprise) -- and contrary to their HPD Chief, Governor, State Legislature and their court system's beliefs so far.

    Besides...anything to liven up this HI area, right? And the the scenery is nice. ;-)

    Whatever, if Admin or Mods feel it's inappropriate, feel free to delete it.
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