These bastards are trying to sneak it through this Sunday. As this article states - it's time to MELT their phone lines.

We have it on good authority that House Speaker Michael Madigan will allow leftist Chicago Democrats an opportunity to pass the same legislative language recently “postponed” in the Illinois Senate for a lack of votes for passage.

The Illinois House will take up the measures Sunday evening at 5:00pm when they convene.

The gun-grabbing statists surely have a tentative headcount indicating they believe they can pass the measure or they wouldn’t be bringing it up for a needless embarrassing defeat.

No doubt they are hoping that if they can sneak it through the Illinois House on Sunday night when people are thinking about football or family instead of their civil rights, that perhaps the currently absent Illinois Senate members supportive of the measure will have returned in time to hold a vote to pass the measure in the Senate as well.

What to do?

It’s time to warm up their phone lines. Start calling today.

Start off by calling House Speaker Michael Madigan’s office. Melt his phone lines with calls.

Here’s Madigan’s office number in Springfield: (217) 782-5350

If his voicemail is full, call his district office here: (773) 581-8000

Let them know: We oppose restrictions on our firearm civil rights. We oppose gun bans, mag bans, and range restrictions.