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Thread: cancelled Gun Shows and "toned down" displays

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    Angry cancelled Gun Shows and "toned down" displays

    By such actions gun show promoters appear to be admitting that GUNS are the root problem of violence, and that gun shows and promoters are therefore complicit in the murder of the children in Newtown. They are telling the world they have something to be ashamed of.

    with friends like these......

    Instead of gun shows, maybe car dealers should have suspended sales out of sensitivity since THEIR product facilitated the killing, by the murderer using one to drive to the scene to transport himself and all of his equipment and supplies.....the victims would still be alive if cars were better regulated, restricted, or banned (or at least mental health checks required before anyone could buy one).
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    I think it is important to note that in the article almost all the shows that were cancelled or "toned down" were done so by either the venues which were to be the sites of the shows or the local "authorities". I'm still trying to figure out how the police chief in Waterbury has the authority to refuse permits for gun shows.

    Then we can add in the media. I'm watching Channel 3 this morning and a lead story is the Collectible Gun Show this weekend. Without their "help", almost no one other than the attendees would have been aware it was happening, particularly those whose sensibilities might be affected.

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