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Thread: last time "assault weapon"

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    last time "assault weapon"

    can anyone remember the last time a so called "Assault Weapon" was used in a GFZ massacre? i would like to know

    the Aurora shooter tried to use his, but it jammed and he couldn't use it.

    the Newtown shooter did not have one. it was in the car and i have not had a good report on what it was

    i do think there was a shooting (more then four killed) at a hair salon where the shooter used a AK47, which is a semi-auto rifle

    so if they are not used, where is this big push for AWB coming from?
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    1. It is easier to capitalize on people's fear and ignorance by using emotional key words like "assault weapon" to vaguely define whatever is unfamiliar to the zombified masses.

    2. Someone on another forum mentioned that so called "assault weapons" are not as widely owned as other types of guns; so if you want to effectively seize people's property, you start with the minority, not the majority. Boiling frogs, and all that.

    3. They've already succeeded with pushing an AWB before; so why fix what ain't broken? History tells them if it worked before, it will again. Then they can add to it and see what the people will let them get away with, rather than risk outright outrage and refusal.

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    last time "assault weapon"

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