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Thread: NV to SE WI

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    NV to SE WI

    Hello all, been around these forums for awhile but haven't posted much. So my family is from SE WI but I have lived away for most of the last decade, So that brings me to my question, in about 2 months I will be headed back to WI hopefully for good with my family and both my wife and I are Nv CCW holders and wish to get our WI permits quickly once we get moved out there so those of you that used your other state permits as proof of training about bow long was the turn around for you? Also where is a good outdoor shooting area in the Milwaukee/Racine/ Waukesha area? All the open dessert out here has spoiled me and I don't think I could go back to standing in a lane shooting at paper again I don't mind a drive so long as its not more the an hour or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lephi View Post
    ... those of you that used your other state permits as proof of training about bow long was the turn around for you?
    I don't have access to the law for cite purposes (on my phone at the moment), but I believe regardless of what you submit as your proof of training, they have 21 days to process your application. Tack on some mailing time and that should be about the max you would encounter.

    Someone will surely correct me if I'm mistaken.

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    Your Move To Wisconsin

    On your journey, I assume you will be taking I-15 to I-80 in SLC and then I-80 through Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, a short stint in IL on I-88 and I-90 at Rockford and then into WI and up I-43 to SE WI. (That is the route I take from SLC.) Your NV permit will be good in UT, not valid in Wyoming, good in Nebraska and Iowa, useless in Illinois (be sure to Federal transport - locked in case and unloaded with ammo stored separately) and of course WI does not honor a NV permit. If you take the southern route, you face the same problem but in CO or NM. Picking up a Utah permit eliminates the problem in WY, but not IL, but will allow you to concealed carry in WI until you establish legal residency in WI (at which time you will need a WI CWL).

    I am aware of several good instructors that hold Utah Department of Public Safety BCI Certified Firearms Instructor permits, but you may not find it worth the expense unless you travel a lot and would like the large reciprocity that comes with a UT permit. Many of my friends and students have a WI Concealed Weapons License, but also obtained a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit to be able to carry in MN. Your NV permit is proof of training for WI purposes, but I recommend you review the WI laws and also recommend that you sit in on one of the (free) Wisconsin Carry training classes. The review of firearms safety will be good, but you will receive training on WI firearms law. I return to WI at least once per year and teach the UT course to local residents in SE WI.

    Remember to notify Las Vegas Metro of your new address once you establish legal residency in WI and keep in mind that you will have to return to NV to renew your NV permit.

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    From the 80, I took the 151 (Cedar Rapids, Dubuque) returning from the Southwest cuz no way was I gonna set foot in Illinoise! Clear sailing!

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