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Thread: Were losing it captian

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    Were losing it captian

    I feel as if we are losing America as we know it. With all the NEW public call for gun control I see our right to keep and bear arms on a slippery slope down to the bottom which will be a gun free for the law abiding citizen. The problem for pro-gun citizens is that we are the minority. We only have in a small part of America that 100% agrees with Possessing and carrying any type of firearm there is. If the ownership of Firearms were as common as cars there would be no issues of wild crazy anti-gun nuts that want to murder gun owners. The fact is the majority of the population use the modern combustion engine in the daily lives and people are comfortable with them. You donít see anti-car bills being considerd after 40 people are killed in a mass pile up on the highways, OR a bus of kids dies in an accident. The most that happens is an "Aw thatís sad" and people go on about their business.

    I REALLY canít comprehend on how anti-gun and our higher levels of government think that tighter control on guns is the almighty answer to gun crime. Its oblivious due to the fact of overcrowded prisons the laws donít stop criminals and they never will. The only thing our government can come up with is to stop the Law abiding good guys from not being able to do anything about the criminals doing harm to us. And letís face it there really NOT anti-gun if they were they would not want any gun around them or have anyone use one in their defense. People call police and they carry guns, Mr. Obama is anti-gun but is surrounded by dozens every hour of the day. I would like to challenge him to be true anti-gun and have the secret service disarm themselves for him and his wife. He will never do this because he knows he would be at a greater risk of attack.

    At last I think itís time to really look at yourself in the mirror and decide today what you will personally do if "They" try to take your firearms away. I do think that soon in the next year or 4 the government will try to do it. This year itís your "assault weapons" and High cap mags. Later it will be Handguns and finally all but hunting rifles with strict laws to the point of not being worth it to go hunt.

    I am not paranoid I just see it happening.

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    Nothing is over. Members on another gun forum are joining and donating to the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association (the oldest and largest RKBA organization in the state) in light of their governor's anti-gun "state of the state" rant today. Join the fight however you can.

    This ain't over yet.

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    Fight harder! More than that, win hearts and minds.

    The "left" wing were a tiny minority in the beginning. They used strategy and now control the media and most of the government.

    It boils down to whether we are as driven as the activists on the other side. Typically we prioritize our families, work, and normal life while they prioritize their radical issues. True that their psychology may help drive them.

    But either we give it our all in this current battle, and use smarter tactics, or we lose our way of life and the real "American" becomes extinct. Are we up for it, or do we give up now? Do we lack the resolve and the intelligence to win?

    Give it our all, or lose it all. (Because this is just the first step, if they win. It won't stop at armaments either.) Which do we choose?

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    If they want to try another AWB, they can be my guest. We already did it for 10 years with no measurable results, which is why we let it expire. But if they want to waste their time and money, go for it. :/
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