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Thread: Nation Wide March On The State Capitols Sat Jan 19 !!!

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    Nation Wide March On The State Capitols Sat Jan 19 !!!


    I can afford to miss a dam football game and get rained on, that is nothing compared to loosing my / our Constitution

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    Web site HQ for the Jan 19 marches referenced in the video:

    This is a chance to stand up for our Second Amendment rights!

    There is a huge effort underway to disarm us, disable the Constitution, and change America to something entirely different.

    It's a battle and the other side is out for your extinction, plain and simple. If we are silent, if we are invisible, how can we win? Get in the fight.

    Time to stand up! Attend the rallies and do everything you can to contact politicians and change hearts and minds of fellow citizens.

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