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Thread: James Yeager of Tactcal Responce is 'loosing it'

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    James Yeager of Tactcal Responce is 'loosing it'

    UPDATE: 5 min after I posted the below link and comments a layer friend of James got a hold oF him and they made a part 3 video were James is apologizing for going off, and so James is chilling out > GOOD.

    I don't know him personally but he is passionate to the extreme. ( steroids ? ) he has a certain ADD-ADHD 'twitch' , guys like James make wonderful great friends & neighbors who will do anything for You.

    James has not learned to be cool and so they are subject to being manipulated by more savvy operatives who can get guys like James to shoot 1st.

    We have to be wise like Israel and be cool and keep a poker face.

    I love this guy, but he is a hot head , young and very unwise in the way he shoots 1st then aim's his mouth later, none the less he is still a good guy just going off half cocked.

    The Marxist left's loves this stuff they see him out in the open like a ripe peach , and they use him as he is a classic stereotype of a gun toting dangerous extremely angry white male right wing kook. ( which is not really but he wont be able to fight that if the media gets a hold of him )

    If any of You know him then go and pull brother James back into the boat , we need to all be rowing at one speed....... PEACE.


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    Call me a radical, looked like good advice to me (original video). He didn't advocate violence, just preparedness. Any who are not preparing to hiding weapons and stocking up preparing the necessary "kit" just in case.......well, good luck to them.

    We still have our soap box and ballot box (though the ballot box is at least two years away)......but to not be prepared, physically, mentally, and materiel unwise. It is, in fact, a duty of all Americans to be in such a state AT ALL TIMES, not just now.
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    This guy offers some good advice, but for the most part I think he's a moron. He has amazing advice like how horrible and unreliable 1911's are, and how anyone who shoots and carries a .40S&W weapon has a small penis. Sounds credible to me!
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    I believe that JY is a few bricks short of a full load, but it doesn't mean he is always wrong.
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