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Thread: Slidell and St. Tammany Parish OC

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    Slidell and St. Tammany Parish OC

    Just have a drop a quick note to say for a change I'm impressed with a local LEO's knowledge and willingness to articulate it about OC. Just spoke with the Desk Sgt in Slidell, when I asked him of any statutes or other prohibitions within the city limits from OC of a sidearm,he related that there were absolutely none, and was unaware of any that were not preempted in the surrounding areas. And of course he added the obligatory warning that there may be places/times where it is not recommended, but not prohibited and that concealed carry requires a permit.....

    From the properly worded (and accurate) response, you'd think that this issue has likely come up more than a few times of late.

    +1 for the Northshore!


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    I live in Washington Parish, but do a lot of business in St Tammany Parish, Covington and Slidell. I have been told by many St Tammany Deputy they wish everyone would OC.
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