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Thread: senatorfeinstein dot com

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    Cool senatorfeinstein dot com

    someone forgot to renew their web address....

    read this today...

    During the Nazi reign of terror the Jewsih Community was first disarmed by Hitler then subjected to the Hallocaust.... I can't figure especially why a Jewish woman like Diane Fienstein would be against 2A with this type of history behind her clan.......I dunno.

    Then........I saw this quote regarding her:

    "As a Jewish friend has put it, I have one word for you: "Judenrat".

    "There's always somebody willing to shove somebody ELSE onto the boxcar, with the fantasy that they won't end up there themselves, or at least with the hope that they'll be last". that's poweful.

    Has Fienstein's face morphed into the face of Schicklgruber for some......?

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    Look at this, pulled from the website

    rofl .. A+ + + + + + + + + + Ralph !

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