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Thread: courage campaign to "confront" walmart

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    courage campaign to "confront" walmart

    I got this in mail from the courage campaign institute. It was marked....this will get walmarts attention. If you live in the neighborhood this is a heads up.
    These people may be small time, but they are trying to ride the wave.

    Msg John, on Tuesday, January 15th, I'm traveling to Danbury, CT to confront Wal-Mart at their store just 15 minutes from where the shooting occurred in December -- located on Newtown Road, of all places. Joined by survivors of gun violence and our allies at, MomsRising, and, Courage Campaign will deliver nearly 300,000 signatures calling on Wal-Mart to do their part to help end gun violence by ending sales of assault rifles. We're also going to deliver a personal letter from survivors and families affected by gun violence at Virginia Tech, Aurora, CO and Tucson, AZ calling on Wal-Mart's top executives to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

    I do not see walmart as part of the problem. Why are these people not on the doorsteps of every governmental mental health person?

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    I'll go over and wear a Walmart shirt and say "I'll take that, thanks" ... shred shred shred ... lol

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