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Thread: Woodbridge gun restrictions

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    Woodbridge gun restrictions

    Can some explain exactly what the gun law is in Woodbridge. I have a friend that said don't get caught in Woodbridge with your gun because they have a gun ban there?

    I looked online and it appears they have a gun ban on "city property", but what exactly is city property? That sounds like I can't walk down a "city" street in Woodbridge?

    I live in Hamden so I am in Woodbridge often. I would like to understand what their position is on guns in case I run into a LEO.


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    There is no gun ban there. Remember the difference between public property and private property and you will be fine, I have not seen Woodbridge's Ordinance but if it says city property I would assume that is any of their office buildings, town halls, garages, police stations, libraries, parks, etc.
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