I was looking for parts for a weapon I am building when I came across this on the homepage of a weapons business online. Everyone is concerned about the political turmoil of the current attack on the Document. The "anti-gun" people seem to be a very violent group when online, behind a microphone, or in a TV station. I attended an antigun rally yesterday and either had an intelligent conversation with someone or I was confronted with a complete fear of the weapon I was carrying openly. The threats the industry is receiving may soon come closer to us in the next few days. I am glad the people that send such threats are not gun owners, they seem a bit angry. I do agree with this businesses idea to enlist the help of those who shop there. We need numbers. Not just silent numbers, but those who are willing to go out in public and say "Do not play with the Document!". At yesterdays antigun rally they estimated 1000 people. ( the antis said 1500). Only twentyfive of that number were Open Carrying.

We have received many nasty calls and death threats from ignorant misinformed people, who are afraid of firearms and firearms owners, when in reality we are usually the first to protect against criminal violence especially against our families and children.
The 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting, the shooting public needs to stand strong together. As you know we are not the bad guys and our industry supports tens of thousands of manufacturing and support jobs that keep families fed and the defense industrial base strong to ultimately protect this great Country. This of course includes the manufacture of semi-auto rifles and magazines above 10 rounds. It is time to make your voice heard and stand up as the good citizens you are.
Don't let the biased anti-firearms media do the talking for you or disparage those fighting for us at the NRA, GOA, NSSF, CCRKBA & JFPO.
The last semi-auto ban did nothing to reduce the violent crime committed by the mentally deranged or criminal gang bangers. These are semi-autos not assault rifles, the least the shooting public can do is call them by their rightful name not the media and politicians buzzword.