Went to Target in Biddeford yesterday to pick some stuff up. While I was there I saw another OCer. Said hi. He was a youngish guy. pretty brief encounter. Dunno if it was someone from here, but it was good to see another OCer out and about.

Also, last week I met a nice woman while getting my tire changed at Town Faire Tire in Biddeford. While waiting for my tire, an asian woman approached and asked what I was carrying. She struck up a conversation with me and the woman who was sitting next to her in the waiting area. The other woman was giving me dagger eyes and said she doesn't like guns. Then the asian woman said she has a 38. I told her she should have it with her and she said "I do have it with me." The anti gun woman who seemed to dislike me suddenly realized she was sitting next to another person carrying a gun and it was priceless. The asian woman said her husband competes with pistol and rifle, and that she loves shooting as well. Great encounter.