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Thread: looking for a ballistic calculator

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    looking for a ballistic calculator

    I'm looking for a free ballistic calculator app for android, any recommendations?

    It should be general purpose not just tailored around any particular brand of components, and should be able to take in to account wind, as well as environmental conditions, altitude, and angle. It should also be able to run 100% offline with no loss of function.

    Ideally it would then render a firing solution in both number of clicks, and mills.

    Anything out their fit that description?
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    hmm, thats an excellent idea. I also have an adroid, if anyone knows of any apps that partially or fully fit this description, PLEASE post the name of it. free, or requiring purchase, I don't care, I want it!

    or, if something like this does not exist, it'd be great if someone could make an app!

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    Free App

    Very versatile

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    2,928 has a very good one right side of home page.
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