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Thread: Sig Sauer ACP

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    Sig Sauer ACP

    Where can I get this, and how much?
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    You could just order it from the SIG website directly. Though you wouldn't be able to have it in WA because it would make your pistol into a short barreled rifle.
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    Dosen't have a stock so how does it become a short barreled rifle.
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    I actually don't think this one would qualify as an SBR. My main reasoning for that is that the ATF will let you put a magpul AFG on an AR pistol variant and it is still not an SBR. But if you put a vertical fore grip then it becomes one. Because this doesn't have a vertical fore grip I think ti would be fine. Yo would need to call the ATF to verify.

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    It's a lanyard holder with a nifty handgrip. Six feet of paracord and a tube of JB Weld will get you the same thing for a lot less cash outlay.

    I thought that "style" of shooting had gone out of favor, even for true machine pistols. But you will look ultra-tacticool with that thing hanging down and swinging into your crotch with every step you take 'cause there is no holster for it. How fast can you finger-fumble down the lanyard to get ahold of it, and can you do it without looking like a pervert?

    Lanyards have their place and purpose. I don't see this as either. YMMV.

    stay safe.
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    I saw this in my local gun shop a couple days ago for the first time, stared at it for 10 minutes trying to figure out just what the heck it is and what it does. I see absolutely no useful purpose for this.

    what it does:
    1) allows multiple accessories to be mounted
    2) allows it to be cocked from the left side
    3) gives you something to hold onto at the front for stabilization of the gun

    4) adds a considerable amount of weight
    5) forces it to be carried via lanyard, as there is absolutely no other way to carry it
    6) converts your 9mm sidearm in a very clunky and heavy 9mm (or .40 to .40, or .45 to .45)
    7) improves accuracy by 0%

    it basically eliminates all of the "pros" of a handgun, and adds all of the "cons" of a rifle, yet still only has the same exact power as a handgun.
    you might as well buy an AR, use subsonic ammo, remove the dust cover and forward assist, and duct tape a brick or 3 to the receiver.

    this is a gimmick, don't be fooled. I'm actually extremely surprised Sig of all companies would be the one to come out with this
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