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Thread: AZCDL in the news.

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    AZCDL in the news.

    Did I miss an email from AZCDL about the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban?

    I see this here and I like it.

    The objective of the coalition is to kill the proposals. Period. Not to “compromise” by saddling gun owners with restrictions and whining “It was the best we could get.” Nothing less than the death of the Obama/Biden/Feinstein proposals will suffice;
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    We all need to sit down, relax and take a deep breath.

    Now, just because our lovely Dianne introduced her AWB bill, (S. 150) doesn’t mean ANYTHING. In the beginning of ANY new Congress, numerous gun bills are introduced and end up just gathering dust and ultimately die at the end of the second session of a particular congress. Oh, and BTW, as of this writing, the official text has not appeared.

    Don’t forget, in the first two years of Obama’s first term, the Dems held huge majorities in both chambers of congress, numerous gun bills were introduced only to ultimately die.

    With the new proposed AWB bill, or any other gun restrictive gun bill for that matter, our backs are CERTAINLY NOT AGAINST THE WALL. This is just scare mongering aimed at an uninformed public. Granted, we need to watch these bills for any movement. If there is any movement, then that is the time to contact your congress critters.


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    If you are interested in contacting your U.S. senators about the firearms ban, AzCDL has a prepared letter waiting for you to send at our Legislative Action Center. It is not limited to Arizona Senators. The letter keys off where you live (all 57 states per 0bama) and will only go to your U.S. Senators. While the bill (S. 150) does not appear on Congress' website, it is on Senator Fieintstein's official website.

    More importantly - when you visit AzCDL's Legislative Action Center, please take the time (a few mouse clicks) to contact Representative Justin Pierce about the pro-rights bills he is sandbagging in the committee he chairs.

    If you want to see the bills AzCDL is monitoring, they are on our Bill Tracking page.

    Legislative Alerts are ONLY sent from our Legislative Action Center. Click here then follow the instructions in the "Contact Your Legislators" box.

    Not getting involved is the same as surrendering.


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