"Cuomo: Perform An Anatomically-Impossible Act
You're a *******.
The abuse of a legally-infirm strategy ("pass it before you read it"; voiding of the 3 day NY legal waiting period on passage of introduced legislation) to pass legislation that is flatly unconstitutional with full knowledge that the law proposed would have done exactly nothing to prevent Sandy Hook is bad enough. No restriction on mentally-ill people getting firearms nor any restriction on magazine capacity would have done a thing, as the shooter at Sandy Hook took the firearms from a lawful owner after murdering said lawful owner.
What's worse is this provision in the law:
The legislation would also include the "Webster provision," a mandatory life-without-parole sentence for anyone found to have killed a first responder. The provision is a reference to the Christmas Eve shooting in the Monroe County town, where two firefighters were shot and killed.
That's because your ****ed-up state couldn't be bothered to keep imprisoned the man who is accused of killing these firefighters."