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Thread: Questions about OC from another state and "Gold State"

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    Questions about OC from another state and "Gold State"

    So her is a little back-story... I'm 20, (turning 21 in Aug) an Oklahoma resident but I'm an out of state criminal justice student at UNM.
    New Mexico's dps websites are much less user friendly than the ones I'm used to so I have a few questions.

    It seems NM is a "Gold star" open carry state. New to this term, but does this "gold Star" state have an age limit to who can OC without a permit? And does this rule apply to/ allow non-residents who are in the state to OC? What I'm trying to get at is if an Oklahoma resident, who is 20 years old can OC in New Mexico? I have heard the carry age her is 19 but have yet to confirm that. If i'm treading into a grey area of the law I apologize, I'm just curious about NM law. However if I am in fact treading into a grey are, any case law, statutes, or advice from legal counsel would help.

    Is there a collection of material other than that has statutes and case laws? Like I said earlier, your website needs a new designer . In Oklahoma I could print out every page of our new OC law and study it every night. I have yet found a way to do that with New Mexicos website, it's all tidbits

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    like you found yourself,
    OCDO maps shows the same.
    I count 31 states you are old enough to OC in...
    BUT... some of those states require a recognized concealled pistol license.
    It nevers matters what state you are from,, you just must follow the law of the state you are in...
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    it looks like our definitions to the state categories did not transfer over - I will ask John toi fix. Gold star means that generally you can open carry holstered handguns on foot and in vehicles without permit and that localities are generally prempted from banning open carry.

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