This is a threat for us freedom minded citizens to be able to study our opponents lack of logic.
The best way to defeat them to through understanding them.

I know that we have all dealt with antis at some point either directly or indirectly.

Please share any anti freedom (gun) press and videos and pro-freedom (gun) comparison videos.

This last gun rally at the capitals seemed to have been rather peaceful and well armed.

It would be nice to see the difference in group mind sets between them and us. I believe that if we can understand them better we can convert them more effectively.

Ideas for civil tactics in dealing with them publicly and privately should be discussed here. I know that this topic comes up as a spotty subject in relation to many threads from all over. So please share links to other threads when applicable, video, and news links.

Please no name calling, yes we know they are sick, and we know it's not proper or polite to make fun of the mentally ill.

I will start this off with this video.

Note with in the first 3 minutes of the video the antis use shaker cans to make noise to drown out any logical statements of questions from reaching their ears.

This would suggest that they are allergic to logic or that it repels them like garlic repels vampires.

I believe that this could be used as a tool. When we want to repel the antis we have nothing but facts and logic. It seems to cause them some sort of discomfort causing them to pull away from anything that might be logical.

They also seem to be a violent bunch and that the only violence they seem to enjoy is anything that does not involve stopping murders with the use of firearms.