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Thread: Guam and Guns Across America

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    Guam and Guns Across America

    There were Second Amendment Rallys in all the States this past weekend, What happened on island?? Did you guys get anything going?
    taotaogalu, how are you doing mate?? Are you still OCing everyday?

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    I was thinking of getting something going... but I've worked for one of the sitting Senators. My brother currently works for that same Senator. I thought it might be a bit odd if I'm the only one outside the legislature with a sign... especially when most who work there know me. >.<

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    Guam Gun Owners Association

    I recently ran into this page on FB anyone interested should check it out. Maybe you could get with them and put something together.

    Heres the link:!/GuamGunOw...iation?fref=ts

    The President is Ken Gibbons the owner of Hurtlocker Firearms

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