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Thread: 2013 Oklahoma House Bills

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    2013 Oklahoma House Bills

    Following is a list of bills from the Oklahoma House of Representatives that involve firearms this session. The link will take you to the PDF so you can read it yourself. There is a brief description of each bill. When reading bills keep in mind that words that are printed in strike through will be removed and those that are underlined will be added. The only exception is text in a "New Law" section, this text is not underlined but it will be added.

    Exempts elementary or secondary school teachers from paying the application fee for a Handgun License.
    However there is no provision for them to be able to carry at work.

    Would allow elementary or secondary school teachers and administrators to carry a firearm on school property after completing a basic police course academy for reserve deputies. The local board of education would have to have a policy that authorized this.

    Anyone honorably discharged from active military duty, National Guard duty or military reserve shall not have to pay the application fee for a handgun license.

    Removes some mandatory preclusion and adds a preclusive period for misdemeanor convictions pursuant to US Code.

    Removes some mandatory preclusion and exempts people who have been successfully been treated for PTSD as being prohibited.

    Would make firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies tax exempt the first consecutive Friday through Sunday of September each year. This would be known as the Oklahoma Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday.

    Makes the safety class size 1 instructor to 20 students

    After 2 failed fingerprint cards, the sheriff shall refund the entire amount of the fingerprint fee to the applicant

    Would make it legal for persons with a handgun license to carry concealed upon a bus.

    Would make it illegal to carry a firearm into any park, recreational area or other facility where a youth sports activity is taking place.
    While this would make the law partially contradictory to itself (parks and recreation areas are expressly protected as non prohibited places), you would be in violation of the law if you took your kids to the park and a youth sporting event was happening on the opposite end of the park.
    This needs to fail.

    Would allow private schools to adopt policies to allow handgun permit holders to carry on private school property.
    A step in the right direction but why are those who go to private school more deserving to have firearms in their buildings than those who attend public schools.

    Allows persons over 21 to open carry a loaded pistol in a motor vehicle for the purpose of self-defense without a handgun license. The person may leave a concealed, loaded pistol in a parked or unattended, locked vehicle; provided, the person in legal control of the pistol is at a location other than his or her own personal residence or business
    Also prevents being disarmed or restrained without reasonable and articulable suspicion of other criminal activity.

    Allows a firearm to be left in a vehicle while parked on school property.
    Allows for written consent for a firearm to be carried on school property as long as written consent is carried with the handgun and valid license.
    Modifies penalties of license holders to a 3 month suspension (decrease in penalty) and possibly an fine of $250 (increase from $100)

    Removes cost cap for safety class
    Removes liability from gun ranges unless there is a criminal act involving the discharge of a firearm
    Removes liability from a property owner for injury to another that has permission to hunt, fish, or participate in a firearms activity on the property

    Would create the Oklahoma Safe Schools Handgun License. Any teacher or school personnel with this license could carry a handgun anywhere in the state.
    Anyone can apply for this license but only teachers and school personnel can carry on school grounds...seems like this may need to be clarified.

    Oklahoma Firearms Freedom Act
    Would allow firearms, ammunition, and accessories made in Oklahoma and kept in Oklahoma to not be subject to federal government regulation under interstate commerce.

    Another Car Carry Bill

    Better definition of concealed carry
    Adds places of worship to the Business Owner's Rights section to prevent a rule forbidding the transport and storage of a firearm in a vehicle.
    Would require some type of No Gun sign to be posted if the building is open to the public and firearms are not wanted in the building/property
    Carrying a firearm into a posted location would not be deemed a criminal act, but could lead to a citation not to exceed $100.00
    Businesses who allow carrying of firearms by patrons/employees will be immune from liability arising from that decision.

    Slightly changes the definition of concealed carry and makes intentional flashing of a concealed firearm a crime.
    Removes government meetings and schools from prohibited places
    Allows for firearms to be stored in a locked vehicle on school property
    Removes liability from a business that allows patrons/employees to carry a firearm

    The legislative webserver stopped responding before I could get the senate bills typed up. I'll post those in another thread when I get them done.
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    shouldnt HB1059 fail too? it sure looks like they want OC to go away....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrz_dad View Post
    shouldnt HB1059 fail too? it sure looks like they want OC to go away....
    A couple things about HB1059:

    First, at a first glance read, it may seem like that but upon further review, I do not believe that is the case, mainly because unconcealed is still defined and used in the law. That being said the part of the bill you are talking about reads as follows:
    Quote Originally Posted by HB1059
    For any person carrying a handgun with a valid handgun
    license issued pursuant to the provision of the Oklahoma Self-
    Defense Act to intentionally fail to conceal the handgun within the
    meaning of the definition provided for in Section 1290.2 of this
    title; provided, however, that accidental exposure of the handgun
    shall not constitute an offense under the provisions of this
    The way I read this is that in order to be in violation of this you would have to intentionally fail to keep a firearm concealed while carrying concealed. Carrying unconcealed falls under a different definition so would not apply. I think this is an attempt to clearly state that the intentional flashing of of a concealed firearm would be a violation of the law.

    Could other problems taking your jacket off to eat at a restaurant, transitioning from concealed carry to open carry? Possibly, but I don't see that being an issue.

    Second, the author of this bill is a 2A supporter and has said that the bill can be amended once it gets to committee. It is not the author's intent to do away with open carry. If I remember correctly, at least one of the OKOCA administration will be discussing this with the author after the session starts to see about improving the language so open carry is not hampered.

    Besides, there are other really good parts of HB1059 that I would like to see pass, like
    1. Only making secure government buildings prohibited places (those that have security in place and metal detectors at the door)
    2. Removing meetings of government officials prohibited places on their own
    3. Allowing firearms to be kept in locked cars on school property
    4. Not loosing your license if you carry on school property without your license - just getting a 3 month suspension instead
    5. Removing liability from businesses that post.

    Granted items 2, 3, and 5 can be done with other bills, but I especially like item 1 from this bill.
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