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Thread: Carry in Tribal Casino

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    Carry in Tribal Casino

    Okay, so the topic has probably been beaten to death, but I haven't seen anything on it recently and searching " tribal" returns a lot from all states and usually not anything relevant.

    So, can I carry in a tribal owned casino. This would be one open to anyone over 18, not 21 or over so no worry about the alcohol thing.

    I have found that there is a prohibition on the possession of firearms in suquamish gaming ordinance 11.5.36.
    No person shall possess firearms within any Class II or Class III gaming facility except as provided in this section.
    I also found Oliphant v Suquamish Indian Tribe which states
    Indian tribal courts do not have inherent criminal jurisdiction to try and to punish non-Indians, and hence may not assume such jurisdiction unless specifically authorized to do so by Congress

    Now I'm not asking if I will or won't be kicked out, I'm asking if I can be there without the fear of being arrested and prosecuted for breaking a tribal law. I'm sure there are others with much more info on this subject and can chime in to help out.


    Also, sorry for any errors, i am on a tablet and it doesn't catch everything I tell it to type and sometimes corrects it incorrectly. I would have posted the entire section prohibiting firearms facilities but I read it from a PDF that wouldn't allow me to copy and paste.
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    More and more frequently, Tribal officers are trained and cross commissioned with state certification. When not, they can detain you until
    local authorities arrive.

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    Re: Carry in Tribal Casino

    I would be concerned that my firearm would be removed and never returned...

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    Non-tribal members are not directly subject to tribal law/court. However, you can be asked to leave tribal land and in some cases have property seized or be arrested. If your breaking a state or federal law then you can be detained for a state or county officer. Most often, tribal officers are also county officers and have dual jurisdiction.

    Here is a good reference for tribal laws:

    As a note: I have never had an issue OC on tribal land (Tulalip, Snoqualmie, etc). In fact, i currently live on an indian reservation in MT.
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    Once, I was at a casino in Tacoma and a security guard saw the clip of my pocket knife on the outside of my pocket. He escorted me out and said I had to leave it in my car or elsewhere. It was not allowed in the casino.
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