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Thread: Family Shooting In Albuquerque - Saturday

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    Family Shooting In Albuquerque - Saturday

    Folks, if you haven't been on the phone calling legislators about HB 77. You need to do so now more than ever.

    This is the family of former NM State Senator Eric G. Griego. He lost his brother, brothers wife, three children and the shooter was his nephew. Eric has always been a far left that opposed everything we've ever done while he was a Senator but no one should ever have to go through this. My heart goes out to him and what's left of his family.

    That said, Eric has not come to the Roundhouse yet but I can assure you that he will. Unfortunately, all the legislation in the world is not going to bring his family back, nor is it going to prevent someone else that wishes to do us, or others harm, from doing so, with or without a gun.

    Please use the contact information I posted earlier to contact the members of the Judiciary Committee now.

    Steve Aikens
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    Terrible situation any way you look at it.

    But without further details we won't know what happened. What was the family dynamic? Why did the kid have access to the guns, etc.

    In any event, it's too bad it will probably turn into a personal soap-box.

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    Very nice memorial service today at Calvary of Albuquerque on Osuna. The church was packed to capacity.
    I enjoyed working with Greg and his family in the past and appreciate the show of support today. Rest in Peace, we will miss you.

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