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Thread: Does gun control work?

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    Does gun control work?

    Here is an article that pretty well sums things up.

    We are again called to arms. It took eight lon hard foaught years for us to get one of the best concealed carry laws an vehicle carry laws in the country. It did not happen by magic. It took aggressive high visible action by many gun right groups; groups like WCI, Sisters of the Second Amendment, Gun Owners of Wisconsin, a number of lessor know local groups and incessant participation by individuals to make it all happen. Most of all it took extreme personal risk by certain dedicated individuals such as Nik Clark, Brad Krause, Jesus Gonzales, Krysta Sutterfield, Culver's Five and others to make it happen ( and yes even to the likes of Doug Huffman, James Gleason and Spartacus whom sacrificed their opinions to the axe of the forum mediators). However all that may be for naught if the second amendment is infringed. There is no question that the anti-gun zealots and anti-gun politicains have an agenda to destroy the second amendment. They will go to no end to do so. They will even resort to such ghoulish acts as to promote and write new gun laws penned with the blood of our precious children slaughtered in Newtown Connecticut. If we are going to stop the dismantling of the second amendment, slowly, but brick by brick, we again have to get noisier than the ones with the hammers. Time to hit the keyboards.
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    We have to work as hard or harder then we ever have to defeat this round of gun grabbing.

    Here we were coming of some nice wins and feeling good then this crap.

    Back in the trenches boys attack attack attack.
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