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Thread: college shooting lone star college Texas

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    college shooting lone star college Texas

    Whats is still unfolding is 3 shot at Lone Star college. << Fox new just corrected the number to 2 shot..

    One may be one of two shooters that got into a argument went bad. Reports that 2 bystanders may have been wounded. One of the injured was arrested by Police. Police looking for second shooter in the woods behind the College reported. This is till an active situation...

    below from link above...

    An Active Shooter is a situation where one or more suspects participate in a random or systematic shooting spree, and demonstrating intent to continuously harm others. The overriding objective appears to be that of inflicting serious bodily injury or death rather than other criminal conduct. These situations are dynamic and evolve rapidly, demanding immediate deployment of law enforcement resources to stop the shooting and mitigate harm to innocent victims.

    In the Classroom or Office

    If you are in a classroom, room or office, STAY THERE, secure the door and turn off the lights.
    Remain silent.
    If the door has no lock and the door opens in, a heavy door wedge can be kept on hand and used, otherwise look for heavy furniture to barricade the door.
    If the door has a window, cover it.
    Depending on the gunmen's location, you may also exit through windows. Have someone watch as you get as many students out through windows as calmly and as quietly as possible.
    If the windows do not open, you cannot break them, or you are not on a ground floor, get out of sight from the door and stay low and quiet.
    If no police units are on scene, move well away from the incident and find safe cover positions (not the parking lots) and wait for the police to arrive.
    When police officers arrive, while keeping your hands on top of your head and do exactly what the police tell you to do.
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    Uh..this cannot be...colleges / schools / are Gun Free Zones... hence no one can ever be harmed in them, right?
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    Anti's will use this as a reason to not allow guns on campus even though it's already illegal to carry on campus grounds in Texas. Perhaps making it more illegal will help.
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