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Thread: Fire Mission: New gun bills - Need to Counter

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    Fire Mission: New gun bills - Need to Counter

    Fire Mission: New gun bills

    POPVOX.Com lists all bills before both houses of congress.

    One of the new gun bills is: Common Sense Legislation to End Gun Violence, Proposed by Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

    The public trend is pro and the legislators do use POPVOX to get a feel for the public feelings.

    Please go to the URL below and vote on the bill, we need to turn the trend around.

    PS - if you sign up for POPVOX it is free & no spam. A good site to know about.

    PPS - Most anti-gun bills run about 75-90 % against them. This anti-gun bill is overwhelmingly supported. Mayors against illegal guns must have energized their members to get this many votes this fast.
    We need to counter.

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    Done. still 12% oppose 88% support though

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