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Thread: Fairfax Times quotes's Mike Stollenwerk re federal gun control bill

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    Fairfax Times quotes's Mike Stollenwerk re federal gun control bill


    U.S. Rep. Jim Moran (D-Dist. 8) has reintroduced a gun-control bill that last year remained buried in committee after significant NRA opposition. This year Moran hopes last month’s Newtown, Conn., massacre will lend some sway to the bill’s chances at becoming federal law.

    According to Moran, the “NRA Members’ Gun Safety Act” bill, (H.R. 21), would implement five gun safety reforms that polling shows are supported by at least 63 percent of current NRA members.

    Moran says research by Republican pollster Frank Luntz shows the five gun safety reforms in his legislation received overwhelming support from both gun owners and NRA members.

    . . .

    Specifically, the legislation’s provisions would:

    n Require background checks for every gun purchase

    n Require background checks on gun shop employees

    n Prohibit individuals on the terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms

    n Require gun owners to report to police when their guns are lost or stolen

    n Establish minimum standards for concealed carry permits.

    . . .

    Mike Stollenwerk, founder of Fairfax County-based pro-gun group, calls the legislation misguided.

    “Bottom line, gun owners will oppose this bill if they read the details,” he said. “The bill is unacceptable and mostly unconstitutional on its face. Gun registration does not lead to increased public safety –– Adam Lanza used firearms purchased through background checks and registered in Connecticut –– one of the few states to require any gun registration –– to commit his murders. A teacher or parent armed with an unregistered handgun bought in a private sale could easily have stopped Adam Lanza and saved lives. This is what happens routinely in self-defense situations across America.”

    Stollenwerk said some of the bill’s provisions are well-intended, but remain unconstitutional.

    “ members would have no problem with the provision requiring firearm dealer employees to undergo background checks as we think most states and/or dealers require this already,” he said. “It is also shameful that some states still do not provide all records of firearm disabling convictions and mental health adjudications to the National Instant check system (NICS), but Moran’s provision to ‘require’ states to only allow conceal carry with permits and to require states to change their permit laws, e.g., require training –– is plainly unconstitutional under well-known anti-commandeering doctrine.”

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    I had to go through a background check to run the firearms counter. So did all of my associates. It is a good idea.

    Not all good ideas should be legislated though. This one shouldn't.

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    Fairfax Times quotes's Mike Stollenwerk re federal gun control bill

    I love the watch list item. A magic list you can be put on an cant challenge that can restrict your rights.

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