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Thread: Is anyone here a member of Florida Carry...

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    Is anyone here a member of Florida Carry...

    ...And interested in bringing this* to their attention?

    *Scroll down to the FAQ and read #5...(the FIRST #5!)

    IIRC there's no law against private sales in Florida, and that would fly directly in the face of HB45, yes?

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    I am a member. I'll bring this to their attention.


    Edited to say: Done!
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    "You will be arrested"

    LMAO!!!! The grabbers will say anything, to include bold face lying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shastadude17 View Post
    "You will be arrested"

    LMAO!!!! The grabbers will say anything, to include bold face lying.

    For a private sale! You're not kidding. That sounds like pretty heavy misinformation for an anti-gun group/ radio station to dish out.

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    Even worse, there are 2 number 5s! They can't even count!

    I've half a miond to go to these events and offer to buy; last time I did that I got sent to the funny farm for 10 days and had to get a court order to be released!

    So, it's entirely possible they'll arrest you. They did it to me. You just won't go to jail, they'll fix it in the report and try to steal everything you own while you're in non-prison stripped of all rights and forbidden from leaving, being pumped full of IV drugs in an attempt to induce problems you don't have... Isn't that WORSE than jail? That's what happens to you in this country if you dare to defy a Democrat... Their cries for 'mental health screenings' are just a way to make this into a legitimate SOP instead of keeping it under wraps like they do now. You ready to go through everything that was done to me? Hm? I'd like to see it happen to a few of the jerks on this forum, see how they feel abouot me after walking a few yards in my shoes...

    Of all the guns that were stolen, I wonder how many were stolen just the hour before, by someone who wanted free shoes?

    Were any of the stolen guns returned to their rightful owners?

    I turned in 4x $7 12ga zip guns once (hey look, it's me! ) They never gave me anything. Most of these 'buy backs' are bait, they never pay out. Maybe a few tokens while the press is there to show it, but after that, they quit. Everything they say is a lie. You'd think they would want to get stuff like off the street; nope. No money.

    Just stand there with a sign that says "I pay more" and your phone number. Preferably a pre-paid burner... Set up appointments at another location, just like buying off of - I bet we could have all kinds of fun lawsuits...

    Smart people keep their guns when the government asks for them! Good people kill that government.
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    "Be not intimidated ... nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your Liberties by any pretense of Politeness, Delicacy, or Decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for Hypocrisy, Chicanery, and Cowardice." - John Adams

    Tyranny with Manners is still Tyranny.

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