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Thread: Vintage Holster ........ Bianchi

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    Vintage Holster ........ Bianchi

    Back in the day when I was in LE, I used to carry a 4" Ruger revolver in a high-ride Bianchi plain leather finish holster.
    Unfortunately, it was stolen in a break-in a few years back. It had more sentimental value than anything else
    and I have looked continuously since to purchase another. I would invite anyone who may know of a store,
    dealer, website, etc., where I might find its replacement.

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    Just have one made to match it. I have a Threepersons holster that is very similar to the Bianchi lawman. There are many custom holster makers that can make you a copy of your Bianchi holster. Check with a tack shop, some of them will also make holsters to your specifications.
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