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Thread: Big Boys OC - Good

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    Big Boys OC - Good

    Just wanted to share an experience I had at Big Boys here in Louisville at the Hikes point location.

    I went in to have dinner with my parents and I was OCing my Beretta 96D. We set down and I noticed the looks I got from others as always. The waitress came over and took our orders never saying a word about my pistol. About halfway through the meal the manager comes over and very quietly says "you have a gun". I look at him and as politely as I can say "yes sir I do". He then asks if I am a LEO and I tell him no. The next question was do I have a permit. I again answer no and let him know that in the state of Kentucky we don't need permits to open carry like I was doing. I also informed him the permit was only for concealed carry. I was being as polite as I could the entire time.

    He gave me an odd look and then said ok. After a few min my waitress comes back to the table and apologizes saying how while he was over talking to me the staff had all gone into the back and they where all talking about my pistol. She said that she told the staff that it was none of their business that I was carrying the pistol and asked the staff "do you really think that someone that was going to rob us would come in and eat dinner first?".

    I am not sure if the manager called anyone or looked anything up. However as we were checking out I happen to see the manager waking the floor. I went over to him shook his hand and thanked him on how he handled the situation instead of making a huge seen about the issue. He just said he did not know about open carry and welcomed my family and I back any time.

    Since we see negative encounters a lot I wanted to post a good encounter as well. We all know how this could have gone.

    Side note: The open faced roast beef sandwich was really good.

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    Thumbs up

    Great story! I'm glad all went well.
    I'll give you my gun when you take it from my cold, dead hands! ~ Charlton Heston (1923 -- 2008)

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    Big Boys OC - Good

    nice story, i think many negative encounters are due to those that arent educated or are ignorant to the laws/rights that approach an open carrier and act like idiots to them resulting in a not so pleasant reply from the carrier.

    nice that he invited you back too!

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    You'd think they'd understand the law, because Big Boy himself sometimes has a slingshot in his back pocket, right out in front of the restaurant.

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