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Thread: BamaCarry Legislative Kickoff

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    BamaCarry Legislative Kickoff

    Post Channel 13 News about this event below...It is worth watching in my opinion.

    The recently formed group, BamaCarry, will be hosting a 2013 Legislative Kick-off event on January 22, at the Northport Civic Center in Tuscaloosa County. In attendance will be, Senator Scott Beason, along with Senator Gerald Allen, Representative Alan Harper, Representative Daniel Boman, county commissioner Stan Acker with others pending. Ill update the attendance list ASAP. The event will begin at 6:30 pm and those in attendance will be able to ask questions of their lawmakers and meet them face to face. This is a great opportunity so please make your plans to attend. First come first seated. There are about 350 seats available. (OC, CC, NC) Please bring a canned food item for the Tuscaloosa food bank. You can follow us on FB at BamaCarry or on the web @ more info at

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    Northport gun laws meeting draws hundreds
    Group claims some officials limit Second Amendment rights

    According to some of the gun advocates, local elected officials who pass bans on openly carried guns should be thrown in jail and prosecuted for violating the Second Amendment.

    We are slowly being gobbled up by the government that keeps eating up and eating up our laws, said Eddie Fulmer, a member of the gun open-carry advocacy group, BamaCarry. The elephant is huge.

    For Tuesday's night meeting, held at the city-owned Civic Center, attendees were asked to leave their firearms in their vehicles, stating Alabama Code 13A-11-59, which bans openly carried guns during events that are considered demonstrations.

    Note: Email exchange between myself and my senator..
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    On Jan 20, 2013, at 11:30 AM, wrote:

    Scott Collins, the administrator of the City of Northport called Eddie Fulmer and told him that our Legislative Kickoff would be a demonstration therefore 13A-11-59 would be applicable...

    Scott Beason (edit: Senator Scott Beason) knows about this and he is upset...He told Eddie he was looking for his shoulder holster to wear..

    Last year Scott Collins told us that anyone bringing a firearm onto Northport City property would be trespassed for alarming people.

    Cam can you tell me who the law breaker is? Why isn't Scott Collins violating 13A-6-25.
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    I think I would call the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff and tell him you expect your rights to be protected at the event. I'm not even sure how the administrator could even expect to enforce this erroneous interpretation without even further infringing on other rights as well


    Cam Ward
    State Senator
    PO Box 1749
    Alabaster, Al. 35007

    Edit: A call was made to Sheriff Sexton
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    Subject: Northport Town Hall Meeting

    You should have been at the meeting Cam...Police in riot gear...Stun batons, paddy wagons and ambulances with Sheriff Ted Sexton's blessings...

    They videoed everyone entering and exiting the building...Of course we were told they were in place for our protection, our PUBLIC SAFETY...They had their shiny new No Firearms Signs placed right on the doors of this Public Facility..The city Attorney for Northport told the mayor and city council members it was legal to violate the Rights of the Citizens of Alabama...The City Administrator Scott Collins is the one in power said one council member...

    It is a sad day when our elected officials treat us like common criminals...It was welcome to the Police State of Alabama...Where elected officials use law enforcement to help them violate the law with no criminal repercussions...Funny...Citizens are held accountable for their actions but the people in power are not...

    Personally I am tired of our rights being taken away under the disguise of public safety...The Public has been brain washed for so long that the violations of our rights have been normalized and the people are not even aware of this..Most do not even care as long as Pleasantville exist for them..

    The pill taking scene in the Matrix really makes sense now..The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are pop culture symbol representing the choice between the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue) and embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red)...

    I have taken the red pill Cam...

    Cam I included an opinion that ex Alabama Supreme Court Justice Bernard Harwood prepared for Tuscaloosa Sheriff Ted Sexton for our event we held back in August of 2012..This is the reasoning they used to restrict the right to open carry in Northport...The City of Northport really didn't care if you carried concealed...They have personal problems seeing a firearm on some ones side..I have yet to see a law that gives Law Enforcement the exclusive right to open carry or to open carry at all...A little know fact that in 1839 the Alabama Supreme Court said that a Sheriff who was arrested for concealed carry did not need a firearm to perform his duty...He had the power of the County behind them..Most people do not realize that the only way to legally carry was open carry until 1936 and this includes Law Enforcement.

    I am quoting from Bernard Harwood's conclusion in the 22 page document I sent as an attachment..

    Constitutional, Statutory and Case Law of Alabama Relating to the Issue of "Open Carry"

    In other words, the rationale is that a citizen may be prohibited from carrying an unconcealed pistol onto the
    premises of another, because that would be "the carrying of arms for offensive purposes,"
    whereas the Alabama Constitution protects only the right of a citizen "to bear arms in defense of
    himself or the state." Isaiah v. State (underlining supplied) To the extent that a citizens
    constitutionally protected right to bear arms "in defense of himself' would be frustrated by denying
    him the right to carry arms openly, so as to reasonably accessible for the purpose of defense, such
    prohibition would be unconstitutional.

    I guess you can pay an attorney, even one that is an ex Alabama Supreme Court Justice to draft an opinion/conclusion that fits the needs of their client. I bet Sheriff Ted Sexton used public funds to pay for this opinion to try and deny his citizens this right...I feel the City of Northport used this document to justify their actions..They rationalized that if someone open carried to the Event last night they were coming for offensive purposes to use their guns...
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    Subject: Re: Northport Town Hall Meeting
    Date: 1/23/2013 5:15:32 P.M. Central Standard Time
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    That is just so over the top madness!!!!!!


    Cam Ward
    State Senator
    P.O. Box 1749
    Alabaster, Al. 35007

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    I will add that Sheriff Ted Sexton called me last night...It was not a friendly call...

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