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Thread: Kcks and Overland Park OC issues!!!

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    Kcks and Overland Park OC issues!!!

    Has there been any response from Kansas city Ks regarding OC? Has there been any further decisions in Overland Park regarding needing a CCL to OC? If so feel free to also post on either my FB page or join the group and post there at Kansas Open Carry...thanks

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    Nope nothing new that I know of has came out. They decided its legal to OC in Overland Park and have not stated if required to obtain the CCW permit to OC. As of now I like how its staying OC and not OC with a crap load restrictions.

    Update: Called Overland Park Police Department

    Notified that you do not need a CCW/permit to open carry in Overland Park. As long as your legal to own and use a firearm you can open carry.

    Kansas City, Kansas: Does not allow open carry any where. No new information has been released about legalizing OC.
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