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Thread: HB700 Open carry bil filed 1/24/2013

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    HB700 Open carry bil filed 1/24/2013

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    Posted multiple times, already. Let's restrict conversation to this thread, and not have a multi-thread split like we did two years ago, please.

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    I read a story about this and it said that this bill has a requirement for a level 2 retention holster. You guys need to get this requirement removed, if you can. Trust me, you don't want cops being the arbiter of whether your holster is legal. When our bill (HB1733) was being discussed on the floor of the OK House, one guy tried to add an amendment that would have required "retention", also at the request of law enforcement. We killed the amendment for the same reason. I do not need law enforcement coming up to inspect my holster and using that as an excuse to try to ID me, or to lecture to me about the perils of OC. "Officer, I do not consent to this contact. I'd like to be on my way. Am I free to leave?" "Hang on, I have to check your holster"...

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