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Thread: HB 6260 Body armor outlawed, follow CA gun bans, prohibit bulk purchases of ammo

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    HB 6260 Body armor outlawed, follow CA gun bans, prohibit bulk purchases of ammo

    General Assembly Proposed Bill No. 6260
    January Session, 2013 LCO No. 2448
    Referred to Committee on JUDICIARY
    Introduced by:
    REP. GODFREY, 110th Dist.
    SEN. BYE, 5th Dist.
    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General
    Assembly convened:
    1 That the general statutes be amended to: (1) Expand the definition
    2 of an "assault weapon" in section 53-202a of the general statutes to
    3 include assault weapons banned under California law; (2) amend title
    4 29 of the general statutes to establish a rifle permit for the purchase of
    5 any rifle, shot gun or other long gun and require a person to hold a
    6 valid permit for such purchase unless such person holds a valid permit
    7 to carry a pistol or revolver or an eligibility certificate for a pistol or
    8 revolver; (3) allow the first selectman, mayor or other chief executive
    9 officer of a municipality to designate a chief of police, resident state
    10 trooper or the Connecticut Board of Firearms Permit Examiners
    11 established under section 29-32b of the general statutes as the local
    12 authority for issuing permits for pistols, revolvers and rifles; (4) grant a
    13 right of appeal to the superior court to any such first selectman, mayor
    14 or other chief executive officer of a municipality that denies a permit
    15 application, but which denial is subsequently overturned
    16 administratively; (5) expand the list of criminal offenses that would
    Proposed Bill No. 6260
    LCO No. 2448 {D:\Conversion\Tob\h\2013HB-06260-R00-HB.doc } 2 of 2
    17 prohibit an individual from obtaining a permit for a pistol, revolver or
    18 rifle; (6) improve the enforcement of existing state firearms laws; (7)
    19 require an updated background check to be completed on all permit
    20 renewals; (8) require a pistol, revolver or rifle permit for the purchase
    21 of ammunition; (9) regulate online purchase and delivery of
    22 ammunition; (10) prohibit bulk purchases of firearms; (11) require
    23 trigger locks with each firearm purchase; and (12) amend sections 53-
    24 341b and 53a-217d of the general statutes to prohibit civilian
    25 possession of body armor.
    Statement of Purpose:
    To adopt the anti-violence initiative of the Connecticut Conference of

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    extremely costly for the state to implement
    too much stupid to list.
    and we already have a law requiring all firearms be equipped with a trigger lock when sold

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